A facial toner is a liquid that minimizes the appearance of pores and temporarily tightens the

Why use a facial toner?
Some of the major benefits of using a facial toner include;
It calms and smoothens the skin It restores your PH balance
It removes dirt, oil, and makeup
It helps the skin to retain its moisture
It protects the skin against environmental stressors for example sunshine

who should use a facial toner?
Everyone though specific toners are directed towards different skin types.
Dry skin: make sure the toner you use does not contain any drying agents like alcohol. Instead go
for products with hydrating agents. Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid are the perfect combination
for this skin type.
Oily skin: choose lightweight options for example niacinamide, glycolic acid and AHAs since
they are ideal for controlling oiliness and refining the skin. Sensitive skin: choose a calming toner that is fragrance free, light and alcohol free.

How to apply a skin toner?
This can be done by using cotton pads, soak the cotton pad and gently swipe it across your skin.
This should be done twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening.

However, choosing the ideal toner depends on multiple factors but the most important one is the ingredients. Always make sure you go through the label carefully before making a purchase.


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