Loving your skin means believing in yourself, focusing on your positives, and ignoring the outside influencers that try to determine how you should look like or feel. We all have one or more issues concerning our body image because we often compare ourselves to other people who we believe are better than us in the areas we are insecure about/ society has taught us to be insecure about.

You don’t need a complete makeover, to lose weight or bleach your skin just to feel good about yourself. Beauty is not a one-size-fits-all, we are all diverse and uniquely beautiful, so remember; the most important person here is you and you need to stop criticizing yourself and learn to accept who you are.

To achieve this, consider;

  • Discovering more about yourself not just about the body alone, but your whole entire self, for example, your; personality, charm, thoughts, emotions, and determination. Learning more about you will reveal the beauty that’s hidden.
  • Loving your skin by wearing sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to protect the skin cells from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, UVB rays that cause sunburns, and UVA rays that cause skin aging in order to prevent skin damage that can lead to skin cancer and speed up signs of aging.
  • Maintain a healthy skincare routine which consists of three main steps that are cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face. Cleansing involves washing your face to remove any traces of dirt, makeup, and other impurities that clog pores and cause breakouts like acne. Toning treats uneven skin tones by balancing the skin. Moisturizing helps to hydrate and soften the skin. You can incorporate more steps depending on your skincare goals, the above 3 are usually the most basic.
  • Eat right for your body and health goals. A particular diet doesn’t fit all, so find the best foods that will leave you feeling strong, healthy, and confident with glowing skin. Many beauty products are made from vegetables and fruits, so consuming a healthy amount of these will benefit your skin greatly.
  • Think and talk positively about yourself and your body, this will improve your well-being and self-esteem. Learn to accept and love yourself the way you are!
  • Don’t compare yourself with other people because we all come in different shapes, complexions, and sizes. Another person’s standard shouldn’t apply to you, create your own standards but remember to be kind to yourself. You can learn from others and emulate traits that are positive to your own well-being and your own standards.

No one is perfect, so let go of the pressure to attain perfection. Accept who you are, that’s the only way to fall in love with your own skin.

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