Our Story

The brand was created to bring quality products in Beauty, Health and Wellness at affordable prices. It is our belief that looking great and feeling good go hand in hand. We do our utmost to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved in all areas.

As you shop with us, you are being part of the solution in ensuring that every girl has access to sanitary pads.

With every purchase worth 250,000 Ug shs, you are buying a pack of sanitary pads to a girl in need.

We do not think its fair that any women should go without something as vital as her feminine hygiene necessities, and we believe that they deserve to have a natural choice for the time of the month. This is why our 250k= 1 Pack of Pads Initiative is so important not only to us, but for those women who are going through tough times many of us could not imagine. When it comes to helping those in need, we think it’s important to step up and do your bit, however great or small.

We choose to be part of the solution.

Thank you for supporting us!